The Man Behind The Bars – An Insight Into The UK’s Premier Trapping Supplier


It takes a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work to reach the top of one’s profession and as hard to keep that position. Take, for instance, professional Gamekeeper and Trap Manufacturer Rob Elton, who has been in the business for almost twenty years.

His success has earned for him the title, “The UK’s Premier Trapping Supplier” and rightly so because he has dedicated the best part of twenty years to Gamekeeping, manufacturing traps and managing pest species across the south of England with his Father and Grandfather.

Originating in Hampshire, Rob spent the early years of his life Gamekeeping with his father and grandfather, leaving school at an early age to proceed with his career and follow in the family’s footsteps. Rob spent most of his career gamekeeping in Hampshire, but also traveled to Scotland where he studied the management of Grouse, Deer management and predator control.

Because of his long list of achievements, within the manufacturing industry, Katch-it traps has become a member of the prestigious Made in Britain certification. This membership is only afforded to the top companies in the UK which adhere to strict guidelines such as being a British registered business, all products must be manufactured, produced and created in Great Britain, 80 percent of the company’s value chain must be within Great Britain and 80 percent of all shares held within Great Britain.

Rob is a frequent guest on various hunting and shooting platforms where he shares his knowledge of the game industry and trapping expertise.

Rob has built his business from the bottom up, originally starting out in an old shed adjoining his family home, where he began fabricating traps for himself and local gamekeepers in Hampshire with basic hand tools.

Quickly word spread about the quality of Robs traps and inadvertently began dedicating more and more time to their production, gradually being supported by his wife Anna to scale his business into what it is today.

Rob attributes his success to his love and passion for the area which he refers to as “a lost art.”

Since he made his name as a Gamekeeper, Rob has developed a knowledge and appreciation of conservation, managing Grey Partridge. Clients have great respect for Rob because of his persistence, hands-on methods, advise, unequalled knowledge, and appreciation for conservation.

As a good old Hampshire boy, Rob has a good familiarity of life in the countryside, managing game since the age of 3 years old with his father and grandfather. Despite living a very rural lifestyle, surprisingly, Rob achieved a diploma in Game and Wildlife,  the management of Game species, woodland habitat, pest and predator control and a chartered management degree.

During his career Gamekeeping, Rob also spent a lot of time within the security industry working with protection dogs, training, and handling these daily. Again, he thrived in this industry and later started his own personal security company.

Despite his experiences in other fields and industries, Rob was always drawn back to his roots as a Gamekeeper and juggled several jobs at a time to keep a steady family income and fulfil his dreams within the industry, often working part-time during the evenings as a nightclub doorman before opening his own trap manufacturing shop in 2017.

Of course, life is not all about work with Rob. When he is not running the trap manufacturing shop, overseeing the staff or Gamekeeping, he is just like every other person who enjoys family time with his two children and wife Charlotte, Olivia, and Anna.

Rob’s wife Anna is his perfect match and supported him throughout his entire career, eventually driving him to open Katch-it Traps workshop in 2017. She is the owner of one of the most sought-after photography studios in the south east of England, Unique Impressions Photography.

Anna has successfully grown her business over the last 15 years, making a name for her professional photography services. Whether she is taking wildlife photos, family photoshoots or conducting modelling sessions, Anna only commits to giving the best quality service and representation. Just give her a call and she will make you her priority!

Katch-it Traps is branded as ‘The UK’s Premier Trapping Supplier’ and for good reason, Rob and his staff use only the highest quality materials and manufacture bespoke handmade traps for all manner of pest species. When asked what sets you apart from other suppliers, Rob answered, ‘We are the best’ and for good reason!

Robs ethics and expectations are regularly relayed to the other staff members, where consistency, craftmanship and above all perfection is demanded above timescales.

Katch-it Traps is renowned for their superior build quality and high-quality materials and come with a lifetime repair guarantee.

As a Gamekeeper himself, Rob insists on testing and trialling all the traps they manufacture before sale, to ensure they meet his exceedingly high expectations, Rob stated ‘If we don’t use it, we don’t sell it and if we don’t sell it, it doesn’t work.

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