Setting Fenn Traps Safely

The History of the Fenn Trap

The Fenn Humane Trap (A.A.Fenn, FHT Works, High Street, Astwood Bank, Redditch, Worcestershire, UK; British Patent No. 763,891) was introduced in the 1950s to deal with weasels, stoats, and rats in the context of wild gamebird management, and mammalian pests of agriculture and forestry such as rabbits and grey squirrels, and has become a standard tool for gamekeepers. Its popularity reflects its low cost and ease of use, and for a long time the absence of serious competitors.

The banning of Stoat Trapping

From 1 April 2020, Fenn, Springer, Solway, Magnum, Conibear and Kania traps may no longer be set to catch stoats. Although stoats were a key target species in game management from the start of the history described here, they became singled out for special attention when the UK implemented the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS).  This created a maximum ‘time-to-death’ standard of 45 seconds, which bizarrely applied only to stoats.

Fenn Tunnel
A Mk4 Fenn Tunnel manufactured by Katch-it


Ensuring the authenticity of a true Fenn trap is a relatively easy procedure, all genuine Fenn traps will be stamped with A.FENN on the treadle plate, as seen below in our video, ensuring the authenticity of your Fenn trap not only allows you to ensure the product you are buying is of high quality, but you are operating within the law and adhering to the spring trap approval order.


The use of Fenn traps will be determined upon your quarry species. For grey squirrels, mink, rabbits, weasels, rats and mice a MK6 Fenn trap is recommended, however a MK4 Fenn trap is adequate for grey squirrels, weasels, rats and mice.

Setting Safely

All Fenn Traps must be set in a natural or artificial tunnel which is, in either case, suitable for the purpose. Please see our video below demonstrating the correct useage of  MK4 Fenn Trap and how to safely set MK4 Fenn Traps and MK6 Fenn Traps.

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