Tick Removal Card – Credit Card Size


Tick Removal Card – Credit Card Size


Credit Card Tick Removal Card :

Lymes disease, also known as Borreliosis disease is an infection disease caused by bacterium named borrelia and is transmitted via Ticks.

Symptoms of Lymes disease can include a red bullseye ring appearing around the infected bite, Headaches and or migraines, Fever, Chills, Fatigue, muscle and joint pain and Swollen Lymph nodes, eventually resulting in permanent neurological damage.

Ticks are commonly found on many native species here in the UK, but it is more likely to be encountered when trapping the American Grey Squirrel, Red Fox and Brown Rat.

Ticks as in times of old should never be squeezed, burnt or pulled from the body once ingesting the hosts blood, this is highly important as the tick may regurgitate infected blood into the wound site.

Ticks can be removed by simply sliding the tick between the pre-cut slots in the Tick remover and pulling upright.

As with all bites, take extreme caution, should a tick bite show any indication of the above symptoms, you should call your GP immediately stating you believe you have encountered Lyme disease and need treatment immediately.

How the tick remover works

To remove a tick fully, place tick between pre cut slots in tick remover.

Pull tick gently, prying away from the skin.

The tick should be completely removed, however due care should be taken to ensure the head and legs have been completely removed by identification with the in built magnifying glass.


Katch-it accepts no responsibility for users who use this item irresponsibly or incorrectly. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they are using it correctly.


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