Squirrel 110 Bodygrip Cage – Green PVC coated

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Green PVC coated 110 Bodygrip cage and 110 Bodygrip Trap

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Squirrel 110 Bodygrip Cage – Green PVC coated Description :

Our traps are made from heavy gauge, PVC coated welded mesh and are extremely effective for the live capture of Grey Squirrels and Rats.

The trap itself is constructed with heavy gauge welded mesh, which is both galvanised and wrapped in green PVC to provide the highest levels of corrosion resistance. Using our green PVC coating both camouflage’s the trap from the target species and prevents unwanted interference. We only use stainless steel fixings in the construction of our traps, unlike similar cheaply made products on the market.

Our traps are specifically designed to work with bait to entice the animal into the trap.

How the Squirrel 110 Bodygrip Cage works

The cage is screwed to either a tree or post in the vicinity of the target species and out of reach from non-target species. The Squirrel enters through the top entrance of the trap to take the preplaced bait, which is situated on the floor cage. In doing so triggers the 110 Body grip trigger, which in turn releases the spring operated mechanism, instantly dispatching the Squirrel or Rat.

We advise that if you are not familiar with the use and set-up of a 110 Bodygrip Trap, please refrain from purchase!!

These traps are more than capable of breaking bones and causing serious injury, use extreme caution when setting and always use the safety features!

Our trap comes fully assembled and ready to use, Killer Clip and fixings are included.

Dimensions cm L 15.2 x H 15.2 x W Dimensions In L 6 X H 6 X W 6

Please note that all traps must be checked at a very minimum of every 24 hours as a requirement of law. Failure to do so could result in prosecution. We at Katch-it advise all pest controllers to check their traps at a very minimum of twice daily for both animal welfare and trapping success.

*This trap should only be used for the capture of Grey Squirrels or Rats.

*The law dictates that the trap must be secured, for this purpose, our traps come supplied with screws to prevent any movement once sited.

*If you are trapping in Scotland you must have a tag affixed to each trap with your authorised user number clearly visible.

Katch-it accepts no responsibility for users who use this trap illegally and/or irresponsibly. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they are using it legally and in conjunction with the terms of the general license.

Katch-it accepts no responsibility for injury or damage caused by misuse or accident when using the 110 Bodygrip trap, We strongly advise usage by professionals only!

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