Larsen Mate-Clam Trap


A twin entry Larsen trap

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Larsen Mate :

Our traps are extremely effective for Magpies and crows. Made from heavy gauge galvanised welded mesh.

The trap itself is constructed with two hinged compartments that are fully Galvanised to resist corrosion.

Our Larsen mate is designed to work with bait for catching your first corvid.

How the Larsen Mate works:

A bait is placed in the trap, beneath the split perches, this can be either eggs or carrion.

When a corvid enters the vicinity and spots the bait, they land on the split perch. Once the split perch has been landed on, it simply splits in half, releasing the spring mechanism of the clams shell, which slams shut behind the Magpie or Crow. The Corvid is then trapped until it can be humanely dispatched by the pest controller or moved into a Larsen Trap to use as a call bird.

The Larsen mate is also designed to work in conjunction with our Larsen Trap as an additional catching space, to allow the capture of multiple Magpies.

Our Larsen mate comes fully assembled and ready to use, all perches and ground anchors are included.

Please see our video in the tutorial section on how to site and use these traps effectively.

Please note that all traps must be checked at a very minimum of every 24 hours as a requirement of law. Failure to do so could result in prosecution. We at Katch-it advise all pest controllers to check their traps at a very minimum of twice daily for both animal welfare and trapping success.

*All call birds must be provided food, water and shelter from the elements.

*It is illegal to dispatch any captured bird in front of the call bird.

*This trap should only be used for the trapping of crows and/or Magpies.

*The law dictates that the trap must be secured to the ground, for this purpose, our traps come supplied with ground anchors to prevent any movement once sited.

*If you are trapping in Scotland you must have a tag affixed to each trap with your authorised user number clearly visible.


Katch-it accepts no responsibility for users who use this trap illegally and/or irresponsibly. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they are using it legally and in conjunction of the terms of the general license.

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