Dummy Eggs – Plastic x3


Dummy Bait Eggs – Plastic x3


A pack of x3 dummy eggs for use in a Larsen trap or clam trap to catch your first call bird :

How the Dummy eggs work

Construct a nest from dead grass or straw within your chosen trap

Place the eggs inside the nest and partially cover

Take 1 real chicken egg and crack to expose the yolk, place this on top of the dummy eggs to entice corvids.


Katch-it accepts no responsibility for users who use this item irresponsibly or incorrectly. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they are using it correctly.

Warning, these eggs are plastic and may present a choking hazard to small animals and children, please use responsibly.


TAGS : traps for magpies, live catch crow traps, Corvid Traps, Eggs, Baits

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